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How I came to choose #cleanbeauty

Hi loves,

Today I’m sharing how I came to choose #cleanbeauty… take a seat, it’s a doozie.

Over the past 6 months, I have been working towards becoming more focused on what is important to me. Work/life balance, creating a more simple life for myself and my family and doing more to help change the world for the better are at the top of that list.

Over the last 10+ years, I have become more and more conscience of what I eat, drink, and the products I use on my body and around my house. I take an active part in ensuring that my family lives the most healthy, clean life we can., free from unnecessary chemicals, pesticides and harmful ingredients.

But when it came to makeup, I never really gave it much thought. Why, you might ask?

Because the options that have been available would never preform to the high standards I have for myself and my clients. And as the options were so limited and frankly, horrible, I chose to keep on using products with proven harmful or potentially harmful and questionable ingredients. What other choice did I have as a professional who demands and requires the best?

Lately, after over 15 years as a makeup artist, I have found myself struggling to find my place in the beauty world. It’s such a fickle industry that at times, I feel can do more harm that good. Even though each time I made a client feel overjoyed through with makeup or microblading and was renewed with love for my job, I still found myself struggling with how my place in the beauty industry alined with helping the human race and making enough of an impact in our ever more complicated world.

But, recently, there has been a surge of more clean beauty lines that actually preform as well as other brands. I’ll be honest, at first, I was really skeptical. I didn’t really believe they could be all that good considering the experiences I has with clean brands in the pst. But, because I wanted them to be “that good” so I could finally feel better about what I used on my own face and the faces of my clients, I took the leap and have been working with more and more “clean beauty brands”. And to be totally honest, I am consistently being BLOWN AWAY by these brands! The clean beauty products that are now available on the market are as good, if not, better, than anything I have in my kit right now and are far, far safer (you can read more about how they are safer HERE).

So, to end this long story, I am announcing the start of a new era in makeup for me. From this point on, I will be working towards only using clean beauty brands on myself and my clients. I’ve joined the Beautycounter team and I couldn’t be ore excited to share their products with you. And no, I won’t use just one brand, because that’s never been my way and that will never change. There are so many brands to choose from and I’m making it my mission to help inform the public about how amazing clean beauty can be.

Here on my blog, on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, my content will focus on clean beauty tutorials, tips products reviews and I hope to share more about how to live a cleaner life in other ways that just beauty in the future as well.

I am SO excited for this new start in an industry that I’ve been a part of for so long. I am renewed in my passion for makeup and beauty and heartened that I can make such a positive impact in the world around me by educating my fellow humans about how to better care for themselves and others by living a cleaner life.

love + peace


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